About Taekwonkido

Taekwonkido is a school and a martial discipline founded by Master Rémi Mollet, expert in various Korean martial arts and Master Jean-Laurent Taddeï, Taekwondo master and sport doctor.


Developed primilarly from Khido, a method founded by Master Michel Morlon in 1985, Taekwonkido is an original, martial and well thought-out method, focusing at real combat self-defense by combining among others, techniques of Taekwondo and Hapkido.

Offering a technical program designed to be accessible for all, from children to seniors, men and women, Taekwonkido is first an educative method looking at the self-development of its practitioners.

Taekwonkido techniques can be applied in combination, from long to short distance, using kicks, punches and strikes, various locks, throws and take-downs.

The ESTEC Mudokwan is official representative of Taekwonkido for The Netherlands.